Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Both kids are napping... I'm using this couple of hours to plant myself on the couch, watch some BBC America (the only channels we get are 2 PBS channels and a Spanish channel....but I'm not complaining. PBS is the stuff!), drink my chai tea, and surf the interwebz. Wanna see some of my new favorite things?

Susanne's buddy girl. I'm definitely inviting her & the boys to my kids' birthday parties :)

I'm not sure what occasion to make one of these for, so maybe I'll just have to have a no-occasion party. I'm totally gonna do that......when I get over my social anxiety.

I SO want to get these fabulous custom-made plush alphabet magnets for Tessa and Max.

Stephanie Nielson makes the sweetest back-to-school feasts every year for her kids. What a good momma.

We would have so much fun with these "Mr. Food Face" plates. The possibilities are endless.

Adding this to my birthday list. It would go perfectly in our bedroom.

How cool is this laundry bag? I don't think I would let James put his stinky clothes in it, though.

I've been looking for a cool idea for a DIY puppet theater. Jackpot.

Another cute idea from Dandee, although I'll have to wait a little longer to do this with my little monsters.

Great tips for your maternity photo shoot. I've seen some pretty awful maternity photos. From Katie's tip# 7 on how to smile naturally: "...picture your father-in-laws face if the baby latched onto him."


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  1. Glad you popped over to my blog. Some great links on this post and I was cracking up over the "social anxiety" quip. So something I would have written. Hilarious . . . You funny, not me. . just to be clear :).