Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"'If you would be well served, serve yourself.'"

That's been my motto since becoming a wife and a mother. Which is why my [almost] three-year-old doesn't clean up after herself. Why engage in an *hour long revolt over cleaning up a few blocks when I can do it myself in less than 10 seconds flat? Parenting fail. I admit it. We were in serious need of an intervention.

Enter chore chart:
Work in progress

The idea is to fill up all of the pockets to win a movie night on Saturday (complete with popcorn and octopus-shaped sour gummies). I'm not totally convinced that she understands the whole concept, but we're trying it anyway.

She's on a roll today...look, she picked out her clothes and dressed herself:

That's what Tessa's up to these days. What is Max up to, you ask? Oh, he's just busy being a little studmuffin.

You're welcome for the update.

*True story


  1. he is a studmuffin! good luck on the chore chart. i remember having one when i was young and will probably use one when my little is bigger.

  2. love the photo of Tessa; red tights and airborn about sums it up! The chore chart is awesome and will be copied immediately for the Fallin household. Love your blog!

  3. Max is too darned cute! Love the flying Tessa too.

  4. If the dilemma to quickly do it myself or stand over a reluctant 3yo isn't one I recognize daily! I can picture my mom snickering now, "suckas!"

    Love the photos!

  5. mmmm tessa in the air....i'm suddenly feeling the urge to use photoshop...