Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mommy wins again.

This is my new favorite thing to do with Tessa in the afternoons. After countless fights trying to get her to nap, I finally gave up a couple months ago, thinking we had reached the end of afternoon naps. I was so sad. But I wasn't completely convinced her body didn't need that extra sleep. Somedays she just sails right through day, one huge ball of energy. Then there are days where she just can't handle it. Whining. Meltdowns. Even dozing off while watching her favorite show in the afternoon. So, one day I thought I'd be tricky and said to her "Why don't you just come rest with me for a couple minutes on the couch?" "Okay!" She was out within 10 minutes, and I carried her up to her bed where she slept for 2 more hours. Of course, I tried it again the next day. Success. Then the next day, and the next. It doesn't work every day, but I can convince her to "rest" about 4 days out of the week (it's not really a trick anymore...she knows I want her to fall asleep, and she's amazingly okay with that). I love it.


  1. IDK when exactly the "sleep begets sleep" motto stops being relevant, but at some point, naps started to mean that my almost 4 yo would have trouble going to bed at night and wake up super early. Now, I send her to her room for quiet time and she only uses it to nap about 1 day per week LOL I hope the naps continue for you!

  2. We actually do quiet times, too. But those don't last as long as her naps ;)