Saturday, April 23, 2011

May I borrow $195.00?

I don't have any outfits to show you from the last couple of days. I spent all of Tuesday in the ER with Tessa (she had ridiculously high fevers starting on Sunday, and after being poked and prodded all day in the hospital, she was diagnosed with a severe case of strep throat and a UTI (we've come to find out that the UTI was a misdiagnosis....and that's not the only fishy thing we experienced that day in our local hospital). The next day I ended up in urgent care hoping SOMEONE would give me a throat culture (which, being the professionals they are, they gave me), and the test came back positive. So, we've basically been sitting around the house (when we're not in a hospital or doctors' office) trying to stay comfortable and recover.

Anyway, on to today. Sorry for the blurry cell phone pics. My camera magically went missing (ahem...James...) Here's today:

The top has pockets.

And these are what I wish I was wearing on my feet:

These blue Manimal moccasins. Only $195.00??

If you really want to know, this is actually what I'm wearing on my feet today:

I have no plans to leave my house.

My hair is so ratty and long, and it annoys the heck out of me when I wear it really needs a trim. This is how it usually ends up by mid-morning:


Stay happy.

Stay healthy.

And if you're not healthy, stay the *bleep* away from my house.

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