Thursday, May 5, 2011

A couple of things...

I wanted to show off this little end table James made:

The weird little picture on the table is kind of special to us. It's one of Tessa's first "intentional" drawings. James free-hand etched it into the wood (along with her signature on the bottom) and then brushed gold leaf into it. I can't find her original drawing on paper to show you, but it's exactly like what you're seeing on the table. The wood James used to make the table is what was leftover from when he made our bed:

Notice the bottle of tums on the bedside table.... I was pregnant when I took this photo.

In other news, the kids LOVE the chalkboard.

I highly suggest that you pick up some chalkboard paint and paint something.


Oh, were you wanting an outfit post?
Well, have a got one for you.
This one's a winner.
Are you ready?

You're welcome.


  1. ahhh i LOVE the table! i kind of want one lol - too cute!!

    also your outfit post cracked me up, but you still look gorgeous!

  2. LMAO!!!
    And I wish my husband was into DIY projects with me!

  3. 1) Wow! Your husband is seriously amazing at building things.
    2) Tessa's first drawing? That is also amazing.
    3) Chalkboard paint is amazing.
    4) Your outfit is amazing. I was not ready for that.

  4. lmao, if I did a post of what i was wearing everyday- that would be it. :)
    i so need to make time to do the chalkboard already. Im SOOO jealous!