Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hand-me-downs and dirty clothes

Vest: BKE

Top: F21 (hand-me-down)

Pants: Levi's (I have no problem wearing something a couple days in a row)


  1. I'll wear jeans until the knees look saggy...three times or more? Yeah, I said it.

    And girl, where is your twitter? You crack me up.

  2. Knee-sag...I thought that only happened with sweatpants. You are a dirty, dirty woman.

    I do sort of feel like I should be using twitter. That's what all the cool bloggers do. The thing is, you kinda feel like you're talking to yourself when you don't have any followers ;)

  3. I wear my pants a lot during the week. lol. Especially since I have only one pair of Skinny jeans. Time for some new ones!