Monday, May 9, 2011

Outfit shmoutfit

Top: Route 66
Vest: I'll get back to you on that.
Belt: Same old H&M belt
Jeans: Old Navy (they're new, but I'm not so sure they're doing nice things for my thighs)
Shoes: l.e.i.


  1. You're so good wearing real clothes everyday. Good for you. I only wear real clothes when I go out with people I know.

  2. I need to get dressed. I have thought about it the last few hours if that counts. lol

  3. @Becky- I don't do it everyday. I only do outfit posts on the days I change out of my pajamas and shower.

  4. Ha! I save my cute outfits for when I go out as well. But I feel ya on the "morts" they are gonna be my go to item this summer. Outfit is super cute. And I love that deck. Cool.

  5. Lisa- I'm thinking I will definitely be investing in a couple more pairs. There's nothing worse than the feeling of denim riding up your arse.