Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outfit post sneak attack!

Shling! That's the sound of a sneak attack. At least, in my head it is. I'm picturing ninjas. With ninja stars and nunchucks. Or Angelina Jolie, who I was channeling this morning as I got dressed (okay, not really) in all black.

See the resemblance? Oh, I totally do...not.

And check out my "jade" (I just call it green) eye shadow.

I like it, but I was a little nervous wearing it out of the house this morning (the photo doesn't do it's much brighter in person, I think) because I felt a little like her:


I have no problem wearing the darkest of dark eye makeup. I'll wear it all the live long day. But I'm not used to bright colors on my face, as you might remember in this post.

Top: Motherhood Maternity nursing tank (I wondered if anyone could tell...)

Maxi dress-turned skirt: Op

Belt: H&M

By the by, I'm working on a wery (that's how Tessa says "very") photo heavy "day in the life" type post, so stay tuned!

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