Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An apology to my tastebuds

We're out of nutella, and I wanted to buy some more at the store today, but this nagging little voice in my head (sounded like James) kept saying "Eight dollars for ONE JAR, Jess?!" And, of course, I don't want to be the financially frivolous spouse of the two of us, so now I am left nutella-less. Sorry, tastebuds.


  1. Our Kroger has an off brand that's cheaper and I think tastes just as good. Oh, and Jackson LOVES it when I let him dip animal crackers in nutella... and I agree, it's amazing. I actually had some while he was taking his nap this afternoon :)

  2. Costco sells double packs of the huge jars!! I went through a double pack in like 4 days a few weeks ago and my breastfed son's face broke out in eczema, so no more for me :(

  3. We don't have Krogers out here :( But I'll definitely be looking for an off brand.

  4. I've never had it Jessi...hmm...maybe I should find it? lol

  5. um go to BJ's. they have ginormous jars for cheap. i would know. also, i highly recommend getting addicted to banana bread with nutella. it's a revolution.

  6. sounds like a conversation between me & tyler.

    i'd see if nutella has a website or something (i'm sure they do) and see if they mail out like free samples. i do this all the time.

    btw, coldstone is supposedly giving out free icecream tonite from 5-8pm for make a wish foundation. i found this out from going to their website. hahaha.