Friday, September 10, 2010

Our day with cousin Jack

Poor Jack was homesick...he's been away from his momma for almost a week now. I pulled out all of my "make-toddler-happy" tricks to cheer him up. Those are usually things I would never let Tessa do because I'm so anal retentive sometimes.... would you believe that I let them finger paint on my kitchen table (that's a huge step for me, guys) and smear dirty, soapy water all over my glass kitchen doors? There was neon pink play-dough all over the kitchen floor, and would you know that I ignored it the best I could while they had a blast, pretending to cook with it? I didn't even make them put on shoes when they went outside. I know, right? Notice in the photos that they both went through a couple different outfits...

Jack doesn't like having his picture taken.

Thanks for coming over, Jacky! (like he's gonna read this, or something...)

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